45+ Beauty Small Charming House is Perfect

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The entrance of this house has so much charm and personality that anyone wants to take a look inside. This contemporary style design brings up both modern and rustic elements that make the house feel warm, friendly, and fun to discover.

The design successfully combines city living with nature that provides comfort for the house owner. Let’s take a look at this house.

The Front Facade

The entrance area of the house is a courtyard that manifests a relaxed lifestyle. From the outside, this house looks comfortable and inviting. When we walked through the glass doors, we will immediately be greeted by dim lights, and the warmth of the wooden floors and walls. The interior tends to feel romantic, full of charm and warmth.

Living Room

The inside of the house is warm and inviting because of the wooden floors and the wooden wall along the left side of the house. Wood and stone materials add a rustic touch to the house, and create a pleasant atmosphere. Bright colors are used for the furniture with a touch of orange and red colors that blend perfectly with the surrounding.

Cathy Lorraine