44+ Stunning Wooden Houses for Small Families

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Long time ago, building a house using wood materials are very common, especially in areas that are rich in timber. But these days, the existence of wood material is limited, it’s even difficult to find wood in a very good quality like in the past. This is why building a wooden house requires more budget than building a house using brick material, especially Hebel.

Generally, many wooden houses built in the countryside which carry out the impression of simple and old school. However, a wooden house can be very attractive, unique, and characterized if it’s built with a high quality wood material and the right design.

Today, we are going to share a list of wooden houses with a relatively low cost for your small family.
1. Modern Simplicity
This small house is very simple, the walls are made of long wood lumbers that are arranged vertically. Warm impression is clearly visible with the lighting from the lamps in the house.
Sliding glass doors give a modern look to this simple house.

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Cathy Lorraine