5+ Simple Parisian Kid’s Room Design Ideas

If you’re looking for kid’s room design ideas, then there’s no better place than Paris. With a rich history, the city has seen its fair share of innovative thinkers who have helped shape the way we live today.

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While some of these famous inventors have made an impact in other fields, others are still creating a huge impact by helping to shape our culture today. Today, I’m going to share with you my favorite Parisian kid’s room design ideas.

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Design a Parisian Kids Room

As the kids grew, so did their need to entertain themselves. By this time, they were ready for their own place. After all, if they’re spending the majority of their time in a separate bedroom, then why not decorate it? The room was going to be an extension of the family home. They wanted it to be a place they felt comfortable and happy.


Tender children’s rooms for girls

The biggest challenge you will have to deal with when decorating a child’s room is that the rooms are for children. The decor has to be appealing to children, but it must also be functional. You want to make sure that the things they play with and use stay clean. You want to make sure the room is clutter free, and that there are no sharp corners or edges for little fingers to get stuck on.

Attic bedroom decor

The attic bedroom is an underutilized space that can be transformed into a room that is both practical and beautiful. The attic is typically a large space above the bedrooms and living areas of a home, usually accessed by stairs. However, there are other ways to enter the attic, such as via a small hatchway or through an exterior window. There are several benefits to having an attic. The space is often dry, warm, and free of humidity or pests. It’s also protected from direct sunlight. It can be a quiet refuge for reading, homework, or even as a study space. The attic may also be used for additional storage.

kids study table

Children who sit at a table while doing homework tend to score higher on academic achievement tests than children who are not allowed to use a table when studying. This could be due to several factors, but one likely factor is that children feel more comfortable with the structure of a table. They can focus better, and there’s less chance of falling over or tripping.

room design ideas


baby bedroom ideas

If you’re decorating your child’s room design ideas, keep it simple and functional. No need for too much sparkle and bling, especially if the child will likely outgrow the items before long. Think about what the room will need, and don’t worry about the rest. Just make sure it’s comfortable and safe. You can also choose a theme to help the child get excited about what they’ll see in their future bedroom. For instance, if your child likes superheroes, a theme of a superhero’s costume could be fun. Or, if your child wants to be a princess, a pink princess theme might work perfectly.

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Since the owner of a family-friendly design company (and a mother to a 3-year-old), I spend a good deal of time dreaming up bewitching spaces for children to playwith, sleep, and find out in. I feel the ideal nursery or playroom ought to be entertaining and flirty, to inspire imagination and daydreaming, but also practical and functional, to keep children (and parents) coordinated and also to help wrangle in these heaps of stray books and toys.

I lately discovered French brand, Small Cabari, and fell head over heels because of their chic but whimsical bedding, rugs, and textiles. They have shared with us photographs of two gorgeous, girls’ bedrooms that they designed for a apartment in Paris. Each includes a distinct Small Cabari cloth and is the epitome of this playful/practical balance I try for when creating rooms to your littles.

Cathy Lorraine