5 Stunning Former french Workshop Becomes Residence

After a decade of living in a Former french Workshop in an industrial part of the city, a retired couple was looking for a larger space. So they turned to the Internet and made a big decision. Instead of selling their house, they were going to build a dream home from scratch. It was going to be bigger, more modern, and more beautiful.

french workshop

They knew they would be spending hundreds of thousands of dollars building this dream house. But they were up for the challenge! They wanted to make the right decisions and they wanted it to be done right. That’s why they asked me to help them through the process. After going through the initial planning stages, I helped them find a suitable architect and land. The next step was to create a budget and set realistic expectations. Then, we focused on creating the vision for their dream home.

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french workshop

aesthetic wood floor

When you purchase a wood floor for your home, you want to be sure you’re getting the quality you deserve. Wood is a beautiful natural product, but it’s also a sensitive one. You can tell whether a piece of wood is in good shape or not by how it feels. A wood floor should be easy to walk on, with no hard spots or soft areas. It shouldn’t crack or splinter and shouldn’t have any gaps or spaces between planks. This means you need to be cautious with your choice of wood flooring. If it’s made from exotic woods that may require extra care, you may want to look into a specialty flooring store.

Scandinavia bedroom ideas

Scandinavian design principles may have taken off around the world, but it all started right here in Scandinavia. These countries are well-known for their minimalist aesthetic and love of natural materials. If you’re looking for inspiration, these are the places to start. From the Danish modern furniture of the early 20th century to the more recent works of Arne Jacobsen, Scandinavia has a long tradition of creating beautiful, functional, and practical pieces.


This is one of my favorite examples of a good use of this blog post format. The site, Sidewalk, creates sidewalk chalk art for people to enjoy and take home. These chalk art creations are inspired by the works of artists in the area. And it all starts with the creation of these pieces, which start with their process and end with the finished piece. This post includes a link to the site, as well as a few photos of their work.

brick wall ideas

A brick wall idea is one that you think would be great, but isn’t feasible to build. In your business, there may be something that you’ve been thinking about that’s not feasible right now, but which could easily become a reality if you make a change to the way you approach the situation.

storage shelves

In a kitchen, storage shelves are important to ensure proper organization of everything from cleaning products to spices to cooking utensils. Whether you’re using shelving in your kitchen or in any other part of your home, you should look at the height, depth, material, and the ease of access in order to determine what type of shelf would best serve your needs.

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In conclusion, The former french workshop has now become the residence of a single, retired couple. After the building’s owner was forced to sell it because of an injury, the couple purchased the property with the intention of fixing it up and turning it into a residence. In their french workshop so far, they’ve been able to completely transform the old building into a home they can live in comfortably for the rest of their lives. The house includes a main floor, which has two bedrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen, and bathroom, as well as a basement, which has two more bedrooms and a utility room. They’ve also added a new patio on the back of the house. In the end, they’ve been able to transform what was once a rundown building into a place they will be happy living in for the rest of their lives.


Cathy Lorraine