10+ Awesome Artland Shanghai Ideas: An Eclectic Apartment That Goes Outside the Box

Artland Shanghai apartment ideas is a place where creativity, innovation, and inspiration can thrive. Artland Shanghai is a dynamic environment, and the residents are very much in charge of the vibe.

apartment ideas

Residents are encouraged to express their creativity in an open environment, with a variety of events, classes, workshops, and programs.


apartment ideas

beautiful Eclectic Apartment ideas

The owners of this beautiful eclectic apartment ideas in Tokyo wanted to open up their home to other creative people and show off their art, which they both do. They used the space to showcase their artwork and their own design sensibility. They had a few rules about the place, such as: No shoes in the house, no clothes on the bed, and the TV was off limits.

apartment ideas

aesthetic wall painting

If you’re looking for a simple, beautiful way to display your family photos and memories, look no further. Paintable wall murals are a great solution for your home office, kids’ room, and more. You can paint them yourself or ask a professional to do it.

apartment ideas

creative bookshelf

The bookshelf was inspired by a project to build a bookcase for a friend’s daughter, and then I realized that there are many ways to display books on a bookshelf. When we design a space, we want the space to reflect the personality of the people who live in it. The bookshelf is a great way to bring the personality of the person into a space. It is also a great place to display art.

apartment ideas

painting in the museum apartment

I just read “Painting in the Museum” by Shanghai and came away feeling a little bit better about myself because of the advice she provided in her book. If you are thinking about painting your home, but have no clue where to start, Shanghai is the best teacher out there. She offers plenty of tips and suggestions, as well as examples from famous artists, that will inspire you to create the masterpiece of your dreams.

Fine art museum apartment

A lot of people think that the fine arts are just for wealthy people and museums. But the truth is, there are plenty of people who can appreciate art without being able to afford a museum membership. This is because the fine arts are about the way we express ourselves and how we interpret our world.

bedroom with beautiful pink walls

Home decorating trends are going back to basics, including taking things a step further than usual. In particular, the home décor bedroom sees the emergence of neutrals, pinks, and natural tones when color takes a back seat. This shift is partly in response to the fact that current color trends are too saturated and often too harsh for people’s tastes. This is a reflection of the fact that the ambiance and vibe of a room should come first, rather than a color palette that would clash with the rest of the house.

blue theme kitchen

For many people, the kitchen is the heart of the home. We spent a lot of time there and many of our most important memories were made there. therefore we must be able to design the kitchen by painting or determining the color of the theme, for example with a blue color theme

the sink and the sparkling glass in the apartment

But the truth is, we don’t have to make anything. We can choose to let everything go to waste, or we can take a little more time and be intentional about how we use what we’ve got. And I think that’s a very important distinction. When we have a sink full of dirty dishes and no place to put them, the sink is going to get dirty. When we have a clean, sparkling glass in our apartment and no way to get water into it, it stays clean.

apartment toilet in pink

We can easily see how this would make the perfect Christmas gift. The toilet is decorated with a pink color, and the toilet bowl is placed on top of a bed, so you get the feeling of being in a hotel room. You know that the person will use the toilet every single time they visit the bathroom and the experience is going to be a pleasant one. This is why it’s such a good idea to make sure that your product or service does what it promises.

apartment decoration ideas on the wall

A good rule of thumb when it comes to using color in decorating a room is to keep it subtle. Too much of a certain color in your space can be overwhelming and uninviting. You can make a bold statement with color by choosing a color that has a strong meaning to you.  Whatever the reason for your choice, a statement piece in your space will give you a chance to express your personality.

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In conclusion, Artland Shanghai isn’t the first time that the designer has created an apartment that’s “outside the box”. The designer’s previous creation, Artland Xiamen, has become a real phenomenon in China and has already become the world’s largest open art gallery.

Cathy Lorraine